Chapter Fifteen: Angie

In 2006 I thought it was a stellar idea to wear a Superman outfit to impress a girl at a costume party. Given I was not Henry Cavill, Brendan Routh, Tom Welling or Christopher Reeve this had widely regarded as a somewhat unwise decision. The girl in question was pretty cool about it though. Angie, this one's for you.

Chapter Fourteen: Lily

Short-ish Chapter for reasons that will become clear when you read it. Josh has never forgotten or forgiven a few choices things during the tenure of our friendship. The Long Con we pull on him in this chapter isn't one of them, closing my eyes and demanding he tell me where to steer while driving is.

Chapter Ten: Abigail

The chapter that broke me. My first job out of school was at a law firm where I fell helplessly and hopelessly for a girl I worked with. She happened to be quite a bit older than me. Something which my friends sledged me about for 3 years. Abigail Beckett... this one's for you.

Chapter Nine: Danielle

Eleventh Grade. I was at Lake Ginninderra College, I met a lovely girl named Danielle who still makes me smile... also there is GREATEST ASK OUT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Also at one point a phone gets stolen and some douche pulls a knife on me.