Liam Smith is no stranger to a broken heart and what becomes of the broken hearted is something rarely touched on. So after an offhand conversation at work, Liam decides it is time to make a crazy and bold decision:

He would revisit the past and track down every girl he ever had a crush on.

Not for the hope that love might prevail. Not to prove anything to anyone. Not to even strike revenge on those that broke his heart… …just to simply find out: what DID happen to the ones that got away?

And so begins his a journey from A to Z. From traveling 1200km for a single interview, to finding himself organising a 11 year reunion of his Year Six class, to giving a homeless guy $100, to be pretending to be a female on the phone who attended an all girls school, “Crushed” is part-comedy, part-memoir, part-coffee fueled banter. It tells the story of one man who dares step out of his own square and visit a past life that some guys would never venture to…