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Liam Smith is a 32 Year Old writer, IT Guy, and marriage celebrant from Canberra, Australia.

He wrote a book about tracking down and interviewing every girl he’s ever had a crush on. (From his first at age six to the present day) You can buy a hardcopy of that here.

He’s also a marriage celebrant (or officiant if you’re hailing from overseas). The guy that stands up the front during, generally non-religious ceremonies, and asks the bride and groom if they’re willing to spend the rest of their lives and asks them to say ‘I do’. You can see his website for that here:

He also has terrible sleeping patterns, probably talks to himself more than the average person, and at times can be blindly optimistic – especially when venturing into a task with a very low probability of succeeding.

He thinks it’s fun and cathartic to write about himself in the third person. Liam Smith wants the world to know that Liam Smith is a wonderful and handsome man and that he is currently single.

Liam Smith would also like state any rumours about him driving a car through a day care centre at age three are actually true but no one was hurt. Except for the kid that valiantly threw himself under the wheels of the slow moving vehicle to stop it.

You can also contact him below.